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I just get you started and point you the way.

In order to do good at this you have to be motivated to teach yourself and build your own wealth. It’s a never ending stream of money that can head right to your account once you spend time learning the “game”. There are people that spend all day online watching the market. I’m not one of them. I do know how to spot an opportunity , when to enter, and then let the stock do the work.

Schedule a consult and we will discuss how much you want to risk,your goals, your style and your timeline to reach your goal. I’ll let you know the websites to go to, who to follow and where to go to get results and continue your learning. Don’t be scammed by someone saying you’ll make 70k in two days. 10-20% a month isn’t hard and my personal best is 1300% in 5 months.

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(the spike up in the above picture is a robinhood glitch. I found out they are common. )