Author: Paul

Plan, Position, Profit


In OPGN and BIOA for Tuesday.

A few good ideas

AKER is forming an ascending wedge. IT IS TIME TO BUY METALS. MULTI WEEK RUN COMING. THIS MARKET IS OVER EXTENDED. WHAT GOES UP….. LODE and PLG are metal plays that are cheapies . LODE is set, PLG needs to pull back. CUP and Handle on NWL…it’s rubbermaid and stuff. ain’t going nowhere KDMN just…
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Jan 9th

I screwed the pooch today, as they say.(not sure who “they” is but that’s a saying I’ve heard)…sold my TNDM…yeah, bone headed move.It just went straight up on a preliminary earnings release. I just figured I’d made a mistake. The good news? Bought a Sheet ton of AKER, Got a little bit of STHI (I’m…
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POTN in at .09

Note the chart is weekly. I’m in at .09 catching it after it tripped my alert at .07. I see this as a multiweek to multi month runner. I’ve doubled my money so far and could sell half, get my money back, and let the free shares do whatever they need to do. I’m holding…
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scored big!

Bought at .0077. Sold and Got MCOA and MJNA for california catalyst.

FCSC buy 12/26/17

insiders came in on this and bought.  

ECEZ, Going for it 12/26/17

I’m going to sell IGC and buy this high risk, OTC stock. Maybe it will work. We will see! Lost on this one but IGC went from my buy in .76 to 1.30 which was my sell because of headline! Then I put it all on IGC and lost. Sigh. Oh well.

GNCA Strong Buy

Buy day after Christmas, 2017 at open.

My position for LVVV

I’m in it at .0077 for 150k shares. See chart