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 From someone who did 1300% in 5 months.

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I’m the guy you hire if you don’t have 1/2 a million to give to a fund.

Simple as that.

An example of the potential of knowing what you are doing

The chart to the right shows one of the many cannibus stocks out there. January 2018 Calfornia went legal. This was super easy strategy. Buy a pot stock and wait till January 1st. But this pattern showed the most potential. I got in at .09 when the move started. It went to .95!!  It’s all about patterns(and catalysts) as they repeat over and over again. To me this was obvious.


Of course you are! Who doesn’t get a little nervous risking thousands of dollars.


Having the right programs are a must in finding opportunity.Using just a few programs can make the world of difference. Configuring a stock screener can pay off big!


Knowing what to look for and when to strike is what makes you successful. A stock sets up for a high probability profit and knowing when to buy is key.